Make The Best View From Your Picture Window Even Better!

  SkyHawks on Del Mar Beach  


SkyHawk Binoculars are so high-powered they bring objects
that are miles away right into your living room.

SkyHawks at Carmel, CA home


"I bought SkyHawk Binoculars because I thought they would be perfect for sea gazing at our condo in Maui.
In July, we brought over the whole family for a vacation. Every morning our six grandchildren
gathered around the SkyHawks to take turns looking at the ocean and out to Molokai, the nearest island.
They couldn't believe that they could watch cows walking in a pasture on an island that was 8 miles away!
Thank you for allowing me to have such a great time with my grandchildren and providing
them with an experience they will never forget."

Steve Morgan
Riverside, California




"SkyHawk Binoculars make my view so phenomenal, I keep coming back to look again and again."

T. Johnson
La Jolla, California

Sculpture house 2


Discovery Astronaut Jake Garn and SkyHawk Binoculars



"I guess you don't get many of your SkyHawk binoculars back. Certainly you are not getting mine back.
I was able to set them up easily myself with no help at all. And now I'm enjoying my wonderful views even more.
I may also have sold two others for you--watch out for other orders from Boston and Providence/Newport!"

Newport, Rhode Island

Andies Resort SkyHawk Binoculars



America's Cup


Jay Leno Banner

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your SkyHawk 9600 Binoculars.
The binoculars arrived today and already our guests are enjoying watching
whales and other wildlife directly from our lodge."

Brown's Bay Resort
Campbell River BC, Vancouver Island Canada


"Dear SkyHawk Binoculars: I can't tell you how much we are enjoying the
Model 9600 binoculars we bought this year in Scottsdale, Arizona.
We're so impressed we're ordering a 2nd pair...they are great!"

T. Shine
Scottsdale, Arizona


Atronaught Banner

"Dear SkyHawk: A year ago I purchased your model 9600 Ultra High-Powered Binoculars
for my island home in the Caribbean. My family and I enjoy them so much!
I can honestly say your high-powered binoculars are one item I use every single day."

Herb C.
US Virgin Islands


"John, thank you very much for being so responsive to my phone call regarding operation of the tripod.
You obviously run a top-quality, customer-first business. I remain totally fascinated by the overall
quality of the binoculars and their optics.

"For years, I've looked out my window at a farm pasture that is well over 2 miles away" possibly even three miles.
Every morning, cows come onto the pasture. Of course, all I've ever seen are tiny, tiny dots in the distance. This morning, I focused on them with 40X magnification and I could clearly see
when a cow BLICKED! I kid you not!!! Simply Amazing."

Tim B.

Hotel Coronado San Diego


"The binoculars are spectacular! On a tree that has fallen into the water about 200 yards from our deck,
we watched an eagle eating a crab. It was as if the eagle were standing on our deck.
Yesterday, a pod of Orcas swam up Hales Passage and we had a fantastic view."

G. Voyles
San Juan Islands, Washington


"I LOVE the SkyHawks and so does everyone else who
watches the whales with me off my deck in Maui "

David Bingham
Lahaina, Maui

"Thanks for helping my wife, Carol, surprise me with her Christmas gift of SkyHawk 9600's.
This is a gift that will amaze the person who has everything!
They are unbelievable!
Living on the waters of Puget Sound, they will get daily use."

Steve H.
Gig Harbor, WA

"I wanted to write this to let you and everyone else who has purchased or is planning to purchase
from you know about the exceptional care and customer service you have provided to me and my family.
We own several of your SkyHawk binoculars and everyone loves them! Your turnaround time for getting
parts and any repairs for us have far exceeded our expectations. I just want everyone to know that they
can be 100% confident in doing business with you and it has been a pleasure every step of the way.
Thank's again for everything!"

Best Regards,
Michael Greenberg
President, Skechers USA


"My wife and I were staying at an inn over Valentine's weekend on the coast of Washington State
and the inn had a pair of your SkyHawk binoculars setup to look at the San Juan Islands,
and the view was amazing! We could see tugboats pulling barges between the islands and
the shorelines including the rocks with seals.......
We have many Bald Eagles around our personal home many of which stay year round, along with Orca Whales,
Great Blue Herons, and majestic mountain views close by and your binoculars would provide incredible views.."

How do we get a pair?
Bruce G.


"I bought my SkyKawk 9600 Binoculars used.
I love them! They are simply the best.
Every time friends visit my home they make a beeline for the SkyHawks. Great product!
I have been using some Leitz binoculars with Zeis lenses. No comparison."

Terry Teay
Corona del Mar, California

"I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy our Skyhawk 9600 binoculars.

They are awesome!

We use them at our cabin on Coeur d'Alene Lake in northern Idaho
The lake is over 1.5 miles wide in our location. We can check to see if our friends across the lake
have arrived by setting the binoculars on 40 power.

When we have company they are always amazed at the incredible range and broad view of the
Skyhawk's and ask where we got them. Thanks for a very well made, high quality product.

Scott Schmidtman
Spokane, WA


Dear SkyHawk,

"I purchased a pair of your 9600's binoculars three years ago for my Miami
Beach home. Now, I am buying another pair for my Washington, DC home."

" I use them everyday!"

Paul Klaassen
Miami Beach/Washington, DC




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